• Butterfly in the Garden

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    Que coisa espantosa que é a vida. Quando menos se espera, aparece poesia diante de nós. E quem diria, num texto PEDAGÓGICO! No meio da aula de inglês, virei borboleta… Meus alunos gostaram!

    “Marina saw a butterfly flying in the garden. She was not surprised that the butterfly seemed to be flying straight through the garden, not finding anything beautiful to look at, no flowers to rest on. She loved the way butterflies flew. No straight lines, no hurrying to get somewhere. Up and down and backwards and forwards.

    Then the butterfly stopped. He didn’t stop in the garden, but he had decided to come and sit on the window and look at Marina. She looked at him sitting on the window, looking in. He moved his wing as as if to say hello and when Marina did not answer, the butterfly decided to send a message in code. At least, that is how it seemed to Marina. The butterfly hit the window first with one wing and then with the other as if he really was sending a message.

    The problem was that Marina did not understand the code the butterfly was sending. She did not understand any code for sending messages. Sometimes she thought she was not very good at communicating at all in any language. She certainly did not think she was good at communicating with Tom anymore.(…)

    She reached out to the butterfly. She put her hand on the window, sending out little messages to the butterfly. They continued like this for some time, fingers and wings knocking against the window, both of them happy to rest there and watch each other for a while.

    What did the butterfly think of her, living in this house, living between these four walls? Did he know about the straight lines people lived along? School-university-jobs; family-friends-boyfriends-husband-children; room-flat-house-bigger house-bigger house with garden. Did the butterfly ask itself why she did not fly like him, here and there and up and down and backwards and forwards, moving where it wanted, when it wanted? Marina looked at the butterfly and asked herself the same question. Then she remembered something else.

    She had read in a newspaper something about an idea that everything in the world is joined together. If you change one thing then this will change other things as well. She remembered the example they talked about. A butterfly lands on a flower somewhere in the east part of the world and this changes something else, and then something else changes and then something else and something else until, finally, there is an earthquake in another part of the world, in the west, thousands of miles away.

    Marina looked at the butterfly and asked him: ‘What changes will you bring to my life? Will there be an earthquake somewhere in the world because you stopped to visit me today? Will there be an earthquake in my life?’ She smiled at her own thoughts and then opened her hand on her side of the window. She invited the butterfly to come and sit on her hand. But the butterfly disappeared as the front door opened and Tom came into the house.”

    (Cambridge English Readers – Level Three – The Ironing Man by Collin Campbell)

    Depois eu traduzo com calma. Leve como uma borboleta.